The Landing


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For those who follow me and have read the first two books of my Lavender Creek Trilogy, I have some updated news. First of all, my book cover is ready to reveal for the last book of the trilogy, THE RECKONING OF LEAH. Secondly, however, the book’s release will be delayed. I had planned a mid summer release however due to personal and family situations, the release will be delayed. To be honest, I can’t say how  long it will be delayed at this point however please bear with me.  Grace After Fifty bear on bench PixabayI will be so excited when I can share the dramatic and hopefully satisfying conclusion to the trilogy. In the meantime, the first two books are available at Amazon and at the Kindle Store, along with my other books. I wish you well and abundant blessings throughout the upcoming springtime and I will be updating here at my web page from time to time, as usual.  As always, dear friends and readers, happy reading!

Drum roll please! Here’s the cover for


Book Cover for The Reckoning of Leah Book 3

Here are the covers for the first two books of the trilogy.

Book Cover new The Falling of Leah with Adobe Sparks Aug 2017           Book Cover for The Haunting of Leah Aug 2017 Adobe Spark

The mystery continues in these stories full of suspense over an unusual Victorian house, its history, and the secrets it holds.

Find out what happens next!

*Available at and the Kindle Store.


If you enjoy eBooks however if you don’t own a Kindle, no problem! Amazon has free reading apps for devices such as iPhones, iPads, desktop computers, Androids, and more. Readers add my books to their iPhones very often. I own a Kindle (my third) and I really enjoy it however if you don’t own a Kindle, you can still read my digital books. 🙂


Haunting of Leah electronic photo from Pixabay

Thanks for joining me today. Pour yourself a nice cup of hot tea (or whatever your favorite drink is), and sit back and enjoy.

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Wishing you all the best,

Susan xoxo

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