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Sporting a new, colorful cover and revisions, my most recent release (which is a re-release) novella, is a beachy tale of summer romance. More than that, it’s a tale of a young woman dealing with the after effects of her parents’ recent divorce. Being their only child, she especially carries the hurt and feels pulled in different directions—the love for her mother yet the loyalty to her father. It’s a coming of age story of sorts, focusing on one last summer spent on the shores of Cape Cod and about how her life will soon change forever.

Click or tap on book cover image for pre-order information.
Click or tap on book cover image for pre-order information.

More about this book:

A story of how a young woman’s admiration, love and devotion for her childless, widowed aunt brings her to the shores of Cape Cod for a summer-long visit. This novella-length story is about Katherine Grace, or Kat as she is better known, who travels from her home in Houston, Texas, to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, for one last summer break following her  recent college graduation, before she starts her new job in the field of advertising. Her heart still broken from her parents’ recent divorce, she’s determined to stay away from romance but when she meets Dr. Maxwell Murphy at her designing, matchmaking aunt’s dinner party, he immediately sends her reeling—leaving her nearly speechless. Will she give in to Max and follow her heart as the summer begins to wind down? Or, will she fight it every step of the way and return to Texas brokenhearted?

paperback edition cover of A YEAR OF ROMANCE Feb 2015

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