As we say farewell to summer, our thoughts usually turn to falling leaves, autumn colors, pumpkins, cold nights, warm lattes, sweater weather, and more.


BOOK NEWS!!!!!  My latest project, an emotional suspense novella, is entitled THE FALLING OF LEAH, due to release in January 2017. It is the first book of the Lavender Creek Trilogy.


“Through her moments of despair, she managed to regain her senses when she heard a strange sound coming from downstairs. Rusty began barking, louder and louder.  She managed to get a grip on herself, grabbing her cell phone, dropping it in her pocket then leaping toward the front stairway to see what was going on downstairs, her eyes still cloudy from the tears.

Her emotions seemed to turn into fear all at once, as she remembered she hadn’t locked the front door that morning and had left the garage door up. 

Who was in the house, she questioned, as she lunged toward the front stairway, quickly taking the first step down.

If there was a thin line between life and death, love and indifference, Heaven and Hell, Leah was about to find out.”

Practice cover for The Falling of Leah cover 9

The Falling of Leah

Release date: January 2017 

Here’s a splendid, special YouTube video of the very talented Eva Cassidy singing one of my favorite autumn tunes. She is missed however her music legacy lives on.

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Be looking for more book news soon. In the meantime, enjoy the arrival of autumn, cooler temperatures, and plenty of good reading.🙂

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