Looking for Cupid…Again?

It’s time for another Valentine’s Day and for many, it is only a reminder of being single and wondering where that little cherub, Cupid, has been hiding himself.

For some singles on Valentine’s Day, not having a date or being hitched rolls off of them like water on a duck, however some are not so resilient and it’s a painful reminder that they don’t have that special someone in their lives, or at least they don’t know it yet.

Whatever category someone may fit in to, happily single or maybe not so happy, one thing could probably be agreed upon by singles and couples alike and that is the commercialization of the holiday itself. Oh, nothing personal about Valentine’s Day. I honestly do think it is a sweet day and a day to celebrate love—-love is certainly something worth celebrating. But the “couples” thing is what makes it stick out like a sore thumb to some singles.

In my latest book, THE CAT WHO PLAYED CUPID, the main character, Megan, is not unlike many singles (and I am not talking about those little packages of cheese lol). She thinks Valentine’s Day is mostly commercialized and a reminder that she is single. She works a lot of hours and doesn’t have a lot of time to meet guys to develop a relationship. Then, something magically happens, as does in many fairy tales, and she ends up having a change of heart about the holiday completely.


Of course this is fiction, but life can be stranger than fiction sometimes, right?

Just in case you do happen to be single on Valentine’s Day, don’t despair. Here are some ideas for you to celebrate the day:

Be good to yourself and treat yourself  to a gift, flowers, candy, a spa or salon package maybe

Set up a “girls’ night out” or “guys’ night out” with your single friends

Visit someone else who may be alone or home-bound

Volunteer for a good cause

Donate to a pet charity or rescue group instead of buying Valentine’s Day stuff—spread love to all God’s creatures

Have a movie marathon of romantic comedies—-laughter is great for the mood

Curl up, relax, and read a book while sipping on a healthy drink, such as green tea

If you do find you need emotional support, call a friend or family member

There are many ways to spend Valentine’s Day when you are single, besides looking for Cupid to show up.

Be proud of who you are, love yourself, and celebrate not just Valentine’s Day but every day as a gift of life and an opportunity to be blessed and to bless others!

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Susan xoxo


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