The day chocolate goes on sale

If you are reading this then you survived Valentine’s Day. I hope you had a great one. Or, perhaps, you don’t celebrate it at all. In that case, I hope you had a happy Friday the 14th.

I had a great time with “LOVE WEEK,” here at my blog and over at my Facebook author page (Susan Stovall, Author). Thank you for joining me! It was fun.

Other events on their way according to the calendar will be St. Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras, for those of you who recognize those holidays. And then, of course, spring is right around the corner, or right around the snow plow, depending on where you are.

Winter has been rough for many. The snow is beautiful but there has been an overabundance in some areas of the United States. I have been without electricity during the winter before (thankfully not this year), due to weather conditions, and it is very challenging. The time that stands out most was when my children were small and it was around Christmastime. We take those “little” things for granted sometimes, like running water, electricity, and food being available at the local grocery store.

Speaking of grocery stores, if you’ve been out today or go out tomorrow, be sure to look for all the Valentine’s chocolates that will be marked down from Valentine’s Day, that is, if you like chocolate. Even if you don’t, you probably know someone who does so just buy chocolates anyway! Help the economy. Today I have certainly overindulged in chocolates. My hubby gave me a big box of Turtles (chocolate ones) and a box of Godiva chocolates. Plus, I made some strawberries dipped in chocolate. Oh, and I also gave my hubby a chocolate cake for Valentine’s (chocolate cake w/chocolate icing).

Let’s face it. My house is full of chocolate right now. I won’t be going to the stores to buy more chocolate, even though it will be marked down and on sale. I love bargains but I will opt out of this clearance sale. I think I have enough chocolate to last me for a while. Maybe until next Valentine’s Day.

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Ima who?

Ima have a lot of chocolate at my house for a while.


Enjoy your weekend,

Susan xoxo


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