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Need motivation? Here are some ideas!

Have you ever wanted to do something or get something done but just couldn’t get motivated? If you are like most of us, the answer is yes, at least one time or other.

Although I consider myself to be a self-starter, sometimes I just can’t do it by myself—I need a little motivation. Motivation is out there, you just have to find it. Here are some ways I find my motivation.

On Twitter recently, I discovered a new hashtag: #MotivationMonday. I am always eager to see what my fellow Tweeters are saying on Mondays now using the hashtag. After all, Mondays are typically dreaded and sometimes it takes more than a few cups of coffee to get us going on a Monday morning.

Researching quotes is another way I get motivated. There are so many great quotes out there. Seriously, unlimited. There are quote sites, quote Twitter accounts, quotes on Goodreads, quotes in books, and some even on blogs. 🙂 Limitless wisdom, insights, and advice on getting motivated all condensed in noteworthy quotes.

Another way I get motivated is to talk to a family member or friend. Sometimes, someone else’s motivation can be contagious and it helps to feel the energy from them. Think about finding a motivational buddy. We have workout buddies, shopping buddies, and more—-so maybe it’s time for a buddy who helps to motivate us.

There are many books, YouTube videos, and podcasts out there with plenty of motivational advice and tips. The list is endless and the resources are plentiful. I recently watched a YouTube video on fitness motivation and before it was over, I was actually exercising and moving, feeling great. Some people just seem to have that talent to help us get motivated. Years ago, I began working out at home with Denise Austin, the well-known fitness guru, via her TV show. She has a spark about her that is inspiring and motivating.

There are many resources to help us get motivated. Don’t overlook, however, your ability to motivate yourself. Start with setting short-term goals, whether it’s personal, such as health and fitness or decluttering and organizing, or whether it’s professional, such as completing a job under budget or doing a successful presentation at work. Once you have accomplished your goal, you will feel good about yourself and motivated to move on to the next goal.

Start simple. Dream big. Then begin.

There are many ways to get motivated. I’ve presented a few here but honestly there are so many  more. I’m sure you have your own wonderful ideas, too. Please feel free to share today here on my blog in the comment area. I would love to hear how you get motivated!

Thanks for joining me today,

Susan xoxo


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