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Random thoughts for Monday

Happy Monday to you all as we welcome the first Monday of March.

Over the weekend, I held a book promotion, my hubby and I worked on a home improvement project, and the Oscars were on TV. Also, another winter storm hit some parts of the United States. This would probably have to be the winter that seems to never end. The groundhog has certainly kept his promise about more winter weather ahead.

For those of you who follow my blog I want to say a big thank you. I am trying to improve my communication here at the blog, i.e. communicating with fellow bloggers, following more blogs, reciprocating comments and kindnesses, and more. Thank you for your patience.

Last week I blogged on motivation. I am still moving in that direction in my own life, as far as certain areas. I have learned a few more things about motivation lately.

First of all, little things can lead to big changes. Next, no more wishing for instant gratification of long-term goals. A small success is wonderful however some things just take time, such as bigger successes. Also, If I lose my motivation temporarily, I should not get discouraged. It can come back! The best thing is to always start here, start now. This moment is the most important one.

I also want to say thank you to food service workers. I hear people complain all too much about their orders being wrong, someone took too long, etc. I just want to say, in turn, “You should appreciate the fact that they are there, they hold these jobs, and they are making life more convenient for you, even if it takes a little longer than expected.”

Should we strive for excellence no matter what job we hold? Absolutely yes. Employees should be motivated to do their best and work hard. They should care about doing a job right and doing it well. Do they have a bad day sometimes? Of course. We all do. Maybe they are new and still being trained. My hubby and I recently went through a drive thru of a coffee shop we frequently visit. We could tell the person working the window was new there. She took her time obviously trying to get the order correct. She thanked us very kindly, gave us our order, and then closed the window. I told my hubby that I thought she had done a very good job, obviously being conscientious about her work. He agreed. We waited at the window another moment. The employee opened the window again to see what we needed. My hubby handed her a tip. She was so appreciative and said she was new and thanked us again. It was a very positive moment. That moment of positive reinforcement probably gave her even more motivation to keep doing her best and working hard. I’m sure she’s on her way to becoming an excellent barista.

We could probably all use more motivation and gratitude. I want to always be reminded that maybe just a positive comment is all it might take to motivate someone and help them on their way. I also want to remember that I have much to be grateful for and should take the time to actually experience that feeling of gratitude, expressing it when it needs to be shared.

Have a wonderful Monday and a fabulous March! Please visit again soon.



2 thoughts on “Random thoughts for Monday

  1. It’s a good thing to remember to show a little kindness to those who consider us. I realise service people are doing a job, but still, it’s tough work and when they go that little bit extra it’s good to show their effort is well received ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Yes, and thank you for your comment. I believe we should have courtesy, kindness, respect and consideration for others. I’ve always imagined what a wonderful world that would/could be. ๐Ÿ™‚


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