What is hope and where do we find it?

As I listen to the rain this morning, I am reminded how that so many things are beyond our control. it rains where it chooses to rain. The storms come. Even worse. We go through it. We pick ourselves up afterwards and recover and even smile again, before too long.

The storms of life will come, too. Sometimes there is no stopping them. One thing to remember is that the storms don’t last. Just like the rain, the storm will pass and the sun will come out again, life will be happy again, and you may even be lucky enough to see a rainbow.

I was listening to a radio program yesterday in the car about hope. It seems this speaker was suggesting that hope is all we have when going through life’s storms. Where does hope come from, however, and where can we find it?

When you read the definition of hope, it is very closely related to faith. In the Holy Bible, faith and hope are related to another word: love (or charity), see 1st Corinthians 13:13.

Love can be defined as a power. So, perhaps, when we have love, for a Higher Power, ourselves, and others, we are able to have faith in a better day and something positive happens. We are enabled to have hope. We are hopeful, then, because we have love and faith. Hope is substantiated because we know there is something out there bigger than ourselves. Time changes things. Life goes on. Life is usually a series of ups and downs. Lessons learned. Times to strengthen. Hope is learned.

When the storms of life come about, hold on to the love you have, remember it’s a powerful thing. Have faith that the storms will pass. You will see hope budding up as a rosebud blooming amidst a thunderstorm.

The storms will pass. The sunshine returns.

Live in the love, faith, and hope of the moment. And, don’t forget to look for the rainbows.


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