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The power of the tides


According to, there is one thing you can count on when it comes to ocean tides: “Tides are one of the most reliable phenomena in the world.”

Just as sure as we know there is a sun and a moon and gravity, we can rest assured the tide will change, according to different factors.

If you have ever been near a hurricane, you know firsthand the power of the tides. If you’ve ever been near the water on a calm summer evening, then you know the peacefulness it can bring to watch the calm waves come in and the exhilarating splashing sounds they make.

When you think about tides, in comparison to life itself, you can draw the same conclusion. There will be times of passion, times of unrest, stirring times, then there will be times of calm, peace, and stillness. I would say it is as sure as the tides themselves that we will all experience the wrath of a raging sea and the peacefulness of calm, soothing waters.

So what relevance does this all have?

To remember that if you are going through the raging seas of life right now, be assured that the calmness will return. The storm will end. The tides will turn. Nature proves it. Life illustrates it.

Take heart, take cover, hunker down and remember, “This too shall pass.”

Have a good week.



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