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Perspective: Loss and Gain

They say for everything you lose, you gain something. I haven’t calculated it all up lately however this is what I think about that.

In life, to keep balance, we must navigate our way through loss. It’s difficult. I lost my sister to cancer in 2013, abruptly. I lost a husband to a failed marriage several years ago. I have lost other loved ones. I have lost beloved pets. I even lost a part of my body to my own cancer journey.

Loss is about saying goodbyes. Drying tears, at times, learning to smile again. That hollow feeling in your stomach. Not having an appetite. Losing track of time, of days, of months even.

Can we replace what we have lost? No, not exactly. Can we gain something from our loss? Yes, completely.

I am not trying to simplify this at all. Loss can be huge. But we need to remember to keep our balance, we need to look for what we are able to gain from that loss. There is a lesson to be learned, a place to go, a journey to be made, a path to walk down.

Remember there is something to gain. Let us pray for our hearts and minds to be open to receive that, to recognize it, to embrace it. To not miss it.

Maybe it’s meeting a new friend. Maybe it’s taking up a new hobby. Perhaps it’s getting a new job, or moving to a new home.

Or maybe it’s all about gaining a new perspective and embracing change, growing spiritually and emotionally, or reaching out to someone else during their time of loss.

At a time when we feel our worst and think there’s no way out because of our loss, we must look for the light and begin to recognize the gains that can be made. May we learn to see the beauty even in the most unlikely places.

Wishing you joy for the journey,


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