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How to create a smile

01-06-2014Something so awesome happened last night.

My husband and I were in the drive-thru of our favorite coffee shop. We pulled up to the window and the window attendant told us that our order had been paid for by the person in front of us in the drive-thru.

Their kindness brought big smiles to us and really made our day.

To keep the kindness going, we paid for the person’s order behind us in the drive-thru. I truly hoped it brought smiles to them, too. Perhaps they kept the kind deed going to the next person in line.

Even better news? It’s not the first time something like this has happened to us.

Just imagine if every kind deed kept giving and giving, going and going. I’m sure it would bring lots of smiles and warm the hearts of many, creating inspiration to pass the kind deed on to someone else.

I pray to stay mindful and pass on at least one kind deed every day or start my own chain of kind deeds. There’s no telling what one person’s kindness could truly do and the difference it could make and the smiles it can create.





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