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Holiday tips: Simplify gift giving



The holiday season is here and although most of us enjoy shopping for gifts, it can still become hectic, stressful, and time consuming.

In one chapter of my book, PRACTICAL WAYS TO SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE*, I discuss ideas and ways to simplify gift giving.

Here’s an excerpt from the chapter in the book on giving simple gifts:

“The heart of the giver makes the gift dear and precious.—Martin Luther

  Give simple gifts

If someone were to ask me what my favorite type of gift is, next to something homemade, I would probably answer a book or a gift card. I do love books and I certainly enjoy gift cards. I like gift cards to my favorite bookstore, my favorite restaurant, and my favorite coffee shop.

Books, paper copies and electronic ones, make perfect gifts for so many reasons. Books offer much to those who love to read, who want to learn something new, who need medical or health information, who want advice, who travel, who love to cook, who need study guides for tests, who like to solve puzzles, and who love to immerse themselves and be entertained by a fictional story. There are literally books for every occasion. They are simple to give and simple to receive.

Gift cards are simple gifts, too. They take up very little space, can be used up and discarded, or reloaded. They allow the giver to gift the receiver with the ability to make choices on what they want.

Another simple gift idea is the gift of your time. This requires no shopping or even wrapping. You can choose how much time you want to give and what you want to do to spend the time you are gifting. Perhaps you want to make a play date with your children at a local park. Or, maybe you’d like to give your partner the gift of an entire day free to spend time with them. Maybe you would like to clean house for a senior parent. You could offer to help a relative or friend declutter and organize! Most people who receive the gift of your time will be appreciative—it’s literally something that money cannot buy.”—–*from PRACTICAL WAYS TO SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE, Copyright 2012 by Susan Stovall, available in Kindle Edition and paperback.

The holidays can be a busy, sometimes hectic, time of the year. Keep it as simple as possible, consider simple gift giving, and leave time to focus on the joys of the season, spending time with family and friends, and making treasured memories to last all year through.


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