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The arrival


While walking on a downtown sidewalk, on a December evening recently, my wandering, eager eyes caught a glimpse of one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen.

Suddenly I saw a beautiful, delicately detailed Nativity set in a window at a downtown shop. The entire downtown square was decorated so lovely and festive, with bright Christmas lights that reflected on everything around us. But especially on this delicate Nativity set in the window. I told those who I was walking with I simply had to stop a moment to take a picture of this beautiful sight.

I am not sure who the artist was who made this Nativity set. The store which had it on display was a very nice store with other seasonal collectibles on display.

The beauty of the Nativity goes beyond the season or artistic fashion in which it was created, however.  The representation of a night long, long ago. The bright star that led the way for the Three Wise Men bearing gifts, searching for the baby King.  The faithful young mother  and her husband who eagerly and lovingly welcomed this new baby. Those others all around who welcomed this little one—this promised one, for in who all mankind could be born again—not a physical rebirth but a spiritual rebirth—a transformation. A time to put away the old and start the new—-a new creature in this babe, the Christ. A chance for hope, for eternal life.

The story has been told for centuries and yet each time it’s told, the relevance can hold just as much meaning to each one who beholds the story for the first time or for the hundredth and first time.

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”—-Luke 2:14 of the King James Version (Holy Bible)

Merry Christmas to you and yours and may your holiday season be filled with peace, love, and joy.


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