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Hearts everywhere

001 I see shapes. Not just any shapes. Specifically, I see hearts. Everywhere. I see them on the ground, in the sky, in water puddles, in my coffee (pictured here), and just about everywhere else. This phenomena began happening a few years ago. Big hearts. Little hearts. Tiny hearts. All discovered serendipitously. I am an optimist so I want to believe it’s God’s way of reminding me of His love and the love all around me—–I just have to remember that it’s there.

A heart is a great reminder. After all, the heart is the core of something, the innermost part. Add to that February being National Heart Month and we have a great reminder to take better care of our own hearts, the most vital organ that keeps us going and doing things like blogging, writing, living and loving. Our emotions are felt in our, metaphorically speaking, “heart,” the other vital place that is occupied within our spaces, our souls.

This photo of the heart in my coffee was not edited or added. It was really there. Just like the others I see.

Hearts everywhere.


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