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Perfectly imperfect!

Monday is a good day to write about striving for perfectionism and here’s why.

We start the week with high hopes of getting everything done and everything right.  As the week goes by, day after day, a dose of realism sets in—we will not be able to do all that we hoped to accomplish.

We stumble. We run into roadblocks. We may get sick. Someone we love may get sick. We may get discouraged. We may simply run out of time. We may lose our motivation. We may even get disgusted.

We may go with the flow. We may cherish each moment as it happens. We may learn to let go of the things we cannot control and try our hardest to work at the things we can.

We live. We strive. We plan. Life happens. We start all over.

Isn’t it wonderful to wake up to a new day,  simply knowing that we will do our best at whatever comes our way, whatever our job may be, whoever in our lives may need a dose of encouragement and we’ll be there for them, taking care of our responsibilities, and maybe even stopping to notice the beauty along the way?


Will the day be perfect? Sometimes, maybe. In between those days, celebrate the beauty of life as it is.

Celebrate the perfectly imperfect days.


One thought on “Perfectly imperfect!

  1. “Striving for Perfectionism?” Yuck, Not for me, my Dear Susan. I do believe I am too old to fall into ‘that’ trap. Perfection is Just Not Possible. I go for ‘Excellence.’

    And Definitely “Stopping to notice the beauty along the way!”

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