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A not-so-easy novel and here’s why

When you are faced with a subject that is difficult, especially when it’s part of your life at the time, the struggle is real and can make life seem surreal during the process of dealing with it.

Writing about such a subject seems almost just as difficult yet is helpful and therapeutic for me, as I am dealing with this for my current work in progress  novel.

I recently read a synopsis of the novel to my mother, who was very receptive. She immediately commented after hearing it, “I can relate.” That was a huge deal to me for her to say that because that is one of the reasons why I am writing this book.

I, too, can relate and this is what has brought this story into my life I believe—perhaps a need to face this difficult subject—grief and loss.

Furthermore, the story not only deals with the subject of grief and loss, but also a feeling of abandonment, a feeling of loneliness, being overwhelmed, and a certain amount of frustration at a sense of lack of understanding by a significant other in the story.

At times, the words flow as I write this; still, at other times, I experience emotional roadblocks and detours.

While writing I imagine the audience, how they may relate, and what words would be a light for them (and for me).

Dealing with grief and loneliness can leave us feeling empty. The main character in this story is Leah. The name Leah means, “tired.” When I discovered this name, I knew there could be none other for my main character. It completely and accurately describes her life at the time and span of the story.

And so I continue to write on, setting it aside at times, to wonder, to imagine—what words will best be written and arranged so that this novel will touch hearts and souls and leave the readers feeling better understood and less alone.

Happy writing to you all and, as always, happy reading. Have a good week.


4 thoughts on “A not-so-easy novel and here’s why

  1. Sounds you are in a good process when writing this book. What will make it interesting for the rest of us is exactly the fact that is dealing with something you are concerned about in your life. It makes it personal – whether it’s autobiographical or not. What you struggle with emotionally will indeed be what brings life into the story. Keep up the good work!

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