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You never outgrow a good book

 This week, I have been going through some of the marvelous books I read to my children when they were little, and books they read to themselves, too. What a treasure! These books (pictured here and lots more) helped to create wonderful memories of my children being little and me reading to them. I was always so happy when they learned to read so they could then read them to me. Books enabled them to have positive experiences. Every summer they would participate in the local library’s summer reading program. At the end of the summer, the library would throw a party and celebrate all of the readers and the books they’d read. Fun times. Honestly, I miss those days.

I am so glad we have books and people who take the time to write them, publish them, sell them, review them, and share them in so many ways.

A book is a friend you never outgrow.


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