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Getting real

I wish I could blog to you and say how perfect my life is. Or, would I really want to do that? Here’s maybe why not.

First of all, I would not be telling the truth. My life is not perfect.

Second of all, who wants to hear about someone having a perfect life? That only makes us feel worse about ours and our problems. To reach the unreachable goal, right, of a PERFECT life, that some seem to say they have. Nada. I’m not bashing here AT ALL. If someone thinks they have a perfect life, either they are oblivious or maybe just not telling the truth. Being and thinking positive is not the same thing. You can be positive about your life without being unrealistic and oblivious. Example: “I love my life. I am so blessed.” That statement is being positive and grateful during the wonderful times and maybe not so wonderful, and we all have those times. It is not unrealistic. Just a statement of the current state of condition.

Lastly, I think what we really want to hear, generally speaking, is that people and their lives are real. Sometimes we struggle, sometimes we dance a happy dance and feel like we are on cloud nine. All of it is real–the ups and the downs.

So, I will blog and tell you that although my life isn’t perfect, I cling to hope and my faith in God, and take it one day at a time. Sometimes it’s wonderful and I want to make the moment last forever. Sometimes it’s difficult and I feel like I am in the pit of sorrow and sadness. This is real.

Today is an okay day. And okay is good.


4 thoughts on “Getting real

  1. I think we would all like to have a perfect life, but few do, many lie or pretend. There is nothing wrong with you. There is something wrong with being false.


    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comment. It would be great to have a perfect life but then not so sure how much we would eventually appreciate it. It might be taken for granted, then would not bring so much happiness any more. Maybe that is why we have imperfect lives, so that we will appreciate more the good and perfect days.

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      1. You said it exactly right. Perfect is ironically a little flat. Us humans need our wild breezes. I enjoy your writing very much xx

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