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Black Cat Appreciation Day

This little guy, who we rescued nine years ago this month, is special. I’d never owned a black cat before or, should I say, a black cat had never owned me, before Max. No matter what he’s doing he shows up for every  meal we cook at home, he sleeps comfortably in the laundry baskets (pictured here), and he seems to have a sixth sense about him. What I mean is, he seems to have a perception about humans that some other cats don’t seem to have. He knows when he’s done something he shouldn’t and he’s even felt bad for it. I am not kidding. He is remarkable and is certainly special. We rescued him from the outside of a local cafeteria, near a dumpster by the woods. Either he was feral or someone dumped him off there. We will never know. The people at the cafeteria had been feeding him leftovers. To this day, he’d much rather have creamed potatoes, biscuits, and other human food items than cat food. He had been nourished on cafeteria food so I guess he thinks this is normal. He was so little when we rescued him he still had the typical blue eyes that kittens have before they change color. Now, he’s got big, beautiful green eyes.

We love our Max. He’s an inside cat 100% of the time. He’s part of our family.

No matter what color of cat—black, calico, white, orange or gray tabby, cats make wonderful pets and each have their own unique personalities. They sometimes have huge challenges to deal with when they live outdoors and are often considered nuisances. This makes me very sad. I believe they should be cared for and appreciated for the amazing creatures God made them to be.



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