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A pivotal moment

Over the weekend, I watched a movie with my husband that somehow was never on my radar when it came out in 2002, probably because that year I was planning my wedding, was a single mother of three, working full-time, and so on.

“The Hours,” released in 2002, is a movie that shows what one book, Mrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf, meant to three different women, during different time periods, along with showing part of the life of Woolf herself. Toward the end, the lives of these women (somewhat) converged and it was plain to see how the influence of this book had affected them.

If I took anything away from this movie, which I managed to, it is the inspiration to keep writing. One can see how Woolf struggled in her life yet the writing seems to have been one of the things she may not have struggled with. It seemed it was her life.

As a writer, I must say I am deeply inspired by this—by the sheer basic-ness of having a strong inner being that wants to get a story onto paper, creating characters who have emotions and dialogues and choices.

Perhaps we are driven to write fiction to help deal with our own psychological needs. To help us have perspective. To help us escape at times. To help us cope. I would not be surprised. Most writers write because they have to—to most it is not a choice. They (We) are driven.

So it was as I was watching this movie that I realized how much bigger the picture is than just producing a manuscript, or even publishing it.

Much goes before, during and after such events.

It is that pivotal moment when you realize you have been called to write and nothing seems to be able to stop it—until, the moment you no longer have the calling. I am inclined, however, to believe that the calling never ends for most writers.

It seems it is a basic need, for most, to write, perhaps an unquenchable, unstoppable need.

For most who write, writing is life.

Until next time,



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