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It’s the most wonderful time of the year


Seasons greetings, happy holidays, and Merry Christmas!

Whatever you call this time of the year, may it be merry and bright for you and yours. It does seem to be the most wonderful time of the year.

“Oh if we could only see such spirit through the year.”

Those often sang words to a popular Christmas song really have such great meaning.

I am going to make it a special point throughout the holidays to notice simple things like sunrises, sunsets, raindrops on flower petals or leaves, smiles on the faces of people I walk by, someone opening a door for me, the sound of laughter, the cashier at the store where I shop, the person walking at the park, my social media friends and contacts, the gracious readers who purchase and read my books, the librarian at our local library, the Customer Service Representative who answers my call, and of course my family and friends, my pets, the people and things who/that surround me every day. And the lessons I learn from this mindfulness, I hope to carry with me always. To not take one single moment for granted.

Most of all, I pray to notice the love that surrounds me and the grace that abounds in my life from my Heavenly Father.

We all have something to be thankful for. I am sure of it. When we are mindful of those people and things we are blessed to have in our lives, the joy of gratitude and thankfulness can fill our hearts and minds and make us feel as if we are on the highest mountain and we can see clearly for miles and miles all around us.

We can soar. We can have clarity. We can have peace.

My prayer for you is to soar. To rise up and feel weightless. To cast your burdens to the Lord, Creator of Heaven and Earth. Lighten your heart, lighten your load. Carry the remembrance of God’s love with you each step of your journey.

Throughout the season and always, may peace and joy be yours.



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