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My Leap Day Post


Greetings! Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and have a seat. I would love for you to join me here at my blog today.

I thought I’d celebrate Leap Day and write a blog post since I wouldn’t get an opportunity to post again on February 29 for four more years.

Four more years sounds oddly familiar, like a campaign slogan maybe, right? We’ve probably all heard that before, but said more like a chant. Four more years! Four more years! And so on. 😀

Speaking of campaigns, we all know this is an election year. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (not such a bad idea), you know it’s gotten pretty crazy lately with all the usual mudslinging, etc. Tuesday is Super Tuesday and people will be voting in more of the primaries. If you’ve watched some of the debates and you’re like me, at the most, you’re amused and a little frustrated, too. Not bashing anyone here, truly, but my “ideal” candidate just isn’t running this year. Not sure who that would be, specifically, but I do know who it is not.

Getting back on point with Leap Day. If you happen to be one of those who were born on Leap Day, you are rare (according to USA Today quoting the BBC, February 29, 2016 article—the stats are 1 in 1461 to be born on the extra day of Leap Year). I am curious to know what day Leap Day/Year babies choose to celebrate their birthdays on when it’s not Leap Year. March 1? February 28? I suppose you could even choose to celebrate it in the summer, fall or spring, too. In any case, I sincerely do wish you a happy birthday today. ❤

This is random, I know, but I have to mention the movie we watched over the weekend. Oh my goodness, it’s a tearjerker for sure. The title is, Madame X. It came out in 1981 and starred Tuesday Weld with smaller parts given to Jeremy Brett (the British actor who played Sherlock Holmes for the Granada Series) and Jerry Stiller (Ben Stiller’s dad). It is a heart-wrenching movie where you just want to slap some of the characters silly at times. The ending is tearful and poignant. Well worth the watch.

This week starts another week that I’ll be working on The Falling of Leah, my next book due to be released in January 2017, less than a year away now. It will be available in paperback and eBook, possibly audio as well. I absolutely love this story although it’s been a bit of a bigger challenge to write than all of my others so far. It’s complex and emotional. I actually became teary-eyed when reading part of it aloud to my mother recently. It deals, partly, with grief, although there are many other aspects to the story as well. I discussed it last week at my Facebook author page. If you are on Facebook, be sure to check out my author page there. That would be fabulous! And I am on Pinterest and Twitter, too. I will be discussing the book at all these places through the year and the closer it gets to the release date. I am super excited!

Thanks for joining me today. Have a great week! 🙂




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