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Great expectations

002 Earlier this spring, I went shopping for flower seeds with my grown son. We picked out several types of flowers that I was familiar with and some I was not—some I’d never planted before. When my children were growing up, several times I took them to the store and let them pick out flower/vegetable seeds and we would plant them, giving the kids an opportunity to have expectations of what would grow and become of those tiny seeds. For example, they grew tall, beautiful sunflowers and cute little miniature pumpkins, among other things. It never failed that at first sight, when the sprouts would emerge from the ground, my kids would become so happy and excited. They would watch the tiny plant grow, and grow, day after day.

This year, the seeds I planted in early spring have now turned into seedlings. They seem to be doing well, sprouting up, slowly growing into full-fledge plants that I can transfer into the ground. This weekend I relocated my very first ones. I removed them from their safe and secure little cups they’d been started in into the ground next to some other plants. Our Morning Glories and Zinnias, both gorgeous colorful plants, have been placed in their new homes, in the ground soil. It has rained a bit today so they are getting their first taste of life outside of their very first homes, small Dixie cups surrounded by a plant holder. So far, the seedlings are perky and look like they are making the transition well.

My expectations are that I will one day begin to see buds emerge, stalks continue to grow, and the blooms break open one day to enjoy and marvel at—because at one time these were simple seeds in a package that held so much information in such a tiny thing. Some of the seeds were smaller than a pencil tip.

I will care for these plants the best I can, nurture them, water them, protect them, but ultimately they will do what they were designed to do. It is nature. It is God’s design.

Hopefully, before too long, I can share more pictures of this marvelous journey and I will be able to share photos of beautiful grown flowers. 🙂



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