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On writing a novel–updated

Greetings readers and fellow bloggers!

I hope your summer has been all that you want it to be and more.

Today I am writing about writing a novel. Or maybe I should say, about NOT writing a novel. More specifically, about me not writing a novel. Honestly, I am beginning to think it’s never going to happen. Am I slightly discouraged? Perhaps. I did want my current WIP to be a novel however I concluded it was best as a novella. The plus side to this is that I am turning it into the first installment of a TRILOGY. 

This has been an exciting process even though I was a bit disappointed because as I was writing the story I realized it would not become a novel. It currently stands at about 16,000 words, give or take a few.

My first suspense to write, THE FALLING OF LEAH, has been like being on a roller coaster ride. And I have enjoyed it immensely, even through the ups and downs.

The release is scheduled for January 2017.

Until then, I am counting the days…and the words.

See you back here soon!





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