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Gone but not forgotten

Today commemorates the 21st year since one of the greatest actors of all time passed away.

Jeremy Brett, British born in 1933, once a student of Sir Laurence Olivier, was known for his role as Sherlock Holmes in the Granada Series, which ran from the 1980’s to the 1990’s.

Brett played many more roles, in addition to the role of the great detective Holmes, which are notable and display the talents of this multi-faceted actor, who also had an excellent baritone singing voice. He played serious roles and comedic roles, both on stage and on film (movies and TV). Some of my favorites, in addition to Sherlock Holmes, are “The Merry Widow,” “On Approval,” “Rebecca,” and “The Prodigal Daughter.”

In the latter years of his life, in spite of ill health, he was known to often say, “But darlings, the show must go on.” In my opinion, this is indicative of his life overall—his commitment to his craft, his enthusiasm toward his fans, and, from what I’ve read, his loyalty to those close to him in his private life.

His sense of determination and honor and loyalty is a remarkable testament to his life.

You can find numerous tribute videos to him on YouTube, also movies, plays, and episodes of Sherlock Holmes. Amazon, too, has the Sherlock Holmes series available.

Jeremy Brett was no doubt the perfect actor to play Sherlock Holmes and as you watch him in the series, you can look and see the mystery that I am sure only Jeremy knew himself was hiding behind his spectacularly beautiful, piercing eyes.

The legacy he left behind will live on and although he is gone, he will never be forgotten.

RIP Jeremy Brett—-November 3, 1933 to September 12, 1995



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