On writing emotional suspense

Here’s the recent post from my Goodreads blog, discussing my latest work in progress:

“As a fiction writer, being able to tell someone about your current work in progress is nothing less than exciting, sometimes even emotional. Of course you don’t want to tell too much—you want them to read it to find out what happens. I find myself explaining the symbolism more than anything in the fictional narrative I am currently working on. The heroine of the story’s name is Leah. She’s tried to do all the right things in her life, striving for perfection, and yet finds herself in a quandary after the death of her long-time best friend, Rachel. Leah’s battling with grief and doesn’t feel understood by her husband, Kevin, whom she thinks lacks the necessary sympathy she is desperately needing. Her situation advances and becomes problematic. What adds mystery to all of this is the historical Victorian home they moved into six months earlier. Leah was drawn to the house and yet doesn’t understand why quite yet. The story unfolds with twists and turns and emotional exertions that the reader will be surprised by, hopefully delightfully so. THE FALLING OF LEAH releases January 2017 at Amazon and the Kindle Store. More news about this dynamic tale will be forthcoming.
Thanks for reading, Susan”



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