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The new year: bittersweet?

It’s that time of the year again. The time when we say goodbye to the old year and welcome a brand new one.  It’s always a bittersweet time for me–a time of goodbyes, yet a time to reflect, wrap things up, have some closure, and look forward to the future.


Jared's snow day photo edited
Beautiful photo that my son took. All rights reserved.

Considering that I do my very level best to take life one day at a time, it’s not really overwhelming for me to welcome a new year. I am eager to turn the page yet I’m realistic enough to know that the new year could seriously bring about anything, both blessings and blessings in disguise. So, I keep my promise to myself to take it one day at a time going forward, try to keep things simple, and most always stay optimistic.

Time is not promised to us in this life, so every moment I am given I am truly grateful for. I have learned that every problem will eventually have a solution. Every hardship will eventually lighten and an answer will come.

Faith is what gets me through the journey–day to day, year to year.

In 2016, my family and I welcomed a new little member–our very first grandchild. It has been a wonderful time of happiness and excitement to see the smiling face of our future, this tiny little soul, all wrapped up in a bundle of joy. My biggest wish for the new year is for peace, spiritual meaning, provision, good health, and love–for our little grandchild, for me and my family, for you, and for the world.

As far as what I do as a writer, this year has been a time of growth for me. I have written my very first emotional suspense/mystery–although I have enjoyed writing it immensely, it has been difficult in some ways, mainly due to the emotions, including grief, woven throughout. I’ve researched the Victorian period quite a lot for the story. This year, I’ve also discovered new authors, new books, new opportunities,  networked with new readers and been able to engage with so many other writers. I love what I do and I do so appreciate the writing community and being a part of it.

My next release, THE FALLING OF LEAH, is in January–just a few weeks away. It is the first story of a new trilogy I am working on–the Lavender Creek Trilogy. The thing I am most looking forward to now, regarding its release, is putting the story in the readers’ hands and waiting for their reactions–that is always an exciting process. I can’t wait for them to experience the setting/places, including an old Victorian home in a contemporary setting, the characters, and the situations created in this story. My hope is that the readers will experience a full range of emotions and finish the book with something meaningful to take away from it.

Happy new year to you and yours! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Best wishes always. I hope you will visit again soon.

xoxo Susan


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