A mystery at a Victorian home

Greetings, bloggers, readers, authors, writers, book reviewers and more!

Please join me today as I celebrate the launch of my new release, THE FALLING OF LEAH. It is a novella, an eBook, and available at Amazon and the Kindle Store.

The past year has been exciting as I’ve been writing this story and learning how to write suspense fiction. I’ve always been a reader and fan of suspense and mystery fiction (starting with Nancy Drew Mysteries when I was a kid) but writing it is a little different than reading it, but surprisingly it is also very similar. Remembering the methods of Sherlock Holmes never hurts either!

Although I was inspired to write this story, putting it down on paper was another thing. It deals with grief, as well as other issues, and was not exactly easy to express, as I myself have dealt with grief over losing someone very close to me back in 2013. The story has been therapeutic for me, however, in a sense that I was looking at grief from Leah’s standpoint yet dealing with my own set of emotions at the same time. Leah is the protagonist of the story and has a lot going on in her life that is weighting her down, including the loss of her life-long best friend, Rachel.

Woven throughout the story is also a historic Victorian home. The prologue touches briefly on some of the details, set back in the late 1800’s.

I hope you will be interested in finding out more about this story. It will continue on in books 2 and 3 of the Lavender Creek Trilogy.

Thanks for joining me today.



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