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Thoughtful Thursday (Friday’s revision)

Lately, more than ever, I’ve been thinking about those groups of people without homes and basic resources. It could easily be me, or you. I dislike labels but in this post I will refer to this group as the homeless.

Man On A Bench, Park

In our moderately sized town there’s a lot of homeless people. Sometimes I get angry about it (due to seeing people suffer and so much apathy everywhere towards the suffering), and all of the time I am sad about it. I mean how could our society get to this point, where some of our fellow human beings are wandering around just trying to find basic shelter, basic clothing, or a place to shower and eat a meal? How have we, as a society, failed each other, generally speaking? What has brought them to this point? Some may be homeless due to job loss, emotional difficulties, addictions, disabilities, and many more reasons. I’ve heard some are homeless by choice but I question that. For whatever reason they are homeless, they are still homeless nonetheless.

What can any of us do to battle homelessness and to help those without a home or resources?

Thankfully there are many agencies who do reach out to the homeless population. Unfortunately there’s a shortage of these agencies and funding in comparison to the amount of homeless people. And the homeless are in need of many things besides basic food and shelter, including a wide span of medical care needs, emotional and mental health needs, safety, help from addiction, long-term housing, and job skills training or disability assistance.

Here are some ways to help: donate to social agencies, such as homeless shelters, food kitchens. Donations can be monetary or even clothing items and basic necessities, such as toiletries. Volunteering is also a way to help, such as helping to serve meals. Creating awareness is also a way to bring attention to their needs, blogging, fundraising, collecting items to donate, and more.

There are many ways to help battle homelessness but it takes a village. And a whole lot of  prayer and action, time and money (all the way from a little to a lot). More than anything, it takes a desire to make a difference and compassion for those who are in need.

Matthew 25:40 in the Holy Bible tells us that when we help others and show kindness, perhaps even if in the smallest way, it is akin to having helped the Lord himself.

That is a great place to start.

Thanks for reading,



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