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Summer memories and mysteries!

003I seem to become a kid all over again when summer arrives. I want to go on adventures, wait for the ice cream truck, play in the sprinkler, read books all day, get a cheeseburger and a Sonic slush for lunch, go on vacation, go swimming, and go visit friends and family. These are just some of the things I did as a kid. Today I am going to reflect back on summers past as I welcome summer’s present. See if you can relate.

Books were a big part of my summers. Our mother would take me and one of my sisters to the used bookstore with her. She read and so did we. One summer stands out in particular as I remember discovering Nancy Drew mysteries. I remember reading one of her books then walking around our house trying to find a mystery to solve afterwards. I still love reading and watching mysteries.

My mother never learned to swim so she was sure to enroll me and my siblings in swim lesson classes. For several summers I took swim lessons which turned me into a fish I am sure. Well, maybe a mermaid! I loved swimming and did for so many summers after that. I don’t particularly swim much any more but my husband and I have talked about getting a nice, above ground pool one of these days, maybe when we retire. Of course an in ground pool would be nice, too, however I think they are quite the work to maintain.

Growing up, I was the youngest of seven children. It was so much fun when they’d be out of school for the summer when I was preschool age. I tagged along with them all the time. The older ones were driving age. They would take us younger kids to go places with them. Once the older ones got married and moved, Mother would let us younger ones go stay with them. I remember one summer staying with one of my older sisters (she had two kids by then). She made the best cheeseburgers on the stovetop that summer. I also remember going with another big sister and her son to take him to swim lessons at a great big historical home in the town in which they lived, by a well known college. The pool was in the back yard at the house. I remember thinking that was the coolest thing I’d ever seen–that great big house with the pool. It was beautiful. I still admire historical homes.

My first time to the beach was when I was six-years-old. Our parents took us so that we could visit my oldest brother and his wife, who was expecting their first child. He was in the service and stationed at a beach town. I remember playing in the sand and looking for shells. I also remember all of us eating at a fabulous restaurant that had seashells stuck on the ceiling. I fell in love with the beach and ocean that summer, although it was very hot where we were at, in the southern part of the U.S.

As I got older, it was fun to spend time with friends and go to sleepovers when I was on summer break from school. The summer when I was 12-years-old, I attended YWCA camp with my best friend, Lori. It was such a memorable experience. I remember my dad dropping me off there and I wasn’t too sure of everything. I almost backed out of staying.  However, as the week went on, I loved it. We got up early, had breakfast in the lodge (my first experience with grits!!!), went to our classes during the day, went swimming, came back to the lodge for lunch, and then back later for dinner. We slept in cabins and had to make up our beds every morning. At night, after dark and before bed, we would gather in a circle outside of the lodge, looking up at the night sky, and would sing “Taps.” It was a very moving experience, one I will never forget and always cherish. The friendships I made there were very nice and for a while after that summer, me and some of the new friends I’d made wrote letters and kept in touch. My best friend, Lori,  and her family built a house that summer and moved out of the apartment complex where we lived across from each other. We rode her horse, Moonbeam, that summer, too. Their new home was beautiful and I got to spend the night with her after they moved in. Not long after that, however, we moved away out of state. She and I wrote to each other for a while. A few years later, I found out that she had died. I was extremely sad. She was a sweet girl and originally from Pennsylvania. I will always remember her. She was a great friend.

My memories of summer are plentiful and varied. Once I became a mother, my memories from then on are really mainly about my children. Now, they are all grown and we have our first grandchild.  We became a blended family several years back with my husband and I being married in the month of June, so of course that created some wonderful memories of the summer of our wedding and our blending households.

For the next few weeks, I will continue blogging about memories of summer. I would love to hear from you if you have summer memories you’d like to share in the comment section below.

Thank you for visiting me at my blog today. I wish you a safe, sensational, and special summer 2017!

Susan ❤



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