Tips for Writers

Grace After Fifty writing image from PixabaySo you’ve decided that you want to be a writer.  Or, maybe you’ve been writing ever since you could pick up a pencil (maybe even a crayon). Either way, your interest in writing is a wonderful thing! Whether you are writing for yourself, in the manner of journaling, say, for example, or you want to write books, a blog, articles, etc., for the public—I would recommend that the first step you take is to READ. Read often. Read a variety of materials. Explore different genres and as cliche as this sounds–think outside of the box

I would recommend, if possible, to write what you enjoy reading. It really helps to write something you are interested in or are passionate about. I have written both fiction and non-fiction. My current work in progress is the second book in a trilogy of psychological suspense.

Next, take a writing class, if possible. Some are available online, through writers’ groups, via publications, or at your local college campus. Also, talk to other writers about their experiences. Most writers are eager to share their experiences. Read writing journals and magazines (for example, Writer’s Digest). Surf the Internet for credible writing sites that give good, solid advice. Read writing quotes and quotes by writers and authors. Pinterest is a place where you can find lots of authors, author quotes, tips and more. Consider joining Goodreads and other sites where books and authors are a major focus. Amazon is a good company to work with and to self-publish with, if you are interested in being an Indie Author. There are other self-publishing companies, too, such as Lulu. Publishing companies’ websites usually have a link on how to get published with them. Literary agents are also a good source of information. Consider following several of them on Twitter or Facebook. On Twitter, you can look up tweets on writing topics under many writer hashtags, such as #amwriting and #writers (#authors). Also, consider joining a writing organization in a field of interest, such as Romance Writers of America.

To sum it all up, I would offer these main points of advice if you are interested in writing and possibly even getting published:

  • 1. Read as much as you can—about other writers, books, magazines, articles, journals, websites, and more!
  • 2. Write as much as you can
  • 3. Consider taking a writing class
  • 4. Network with other writers, publishers, and agents—those in the literary field
  • 5. Join sites such as Goodreads
  • 6. Consider self-publishing through companies such as Amazon
  • 7. Join writers’ groups or organizations
  • 8.  Read the bestsellers’ lists
  • 9. Be committed to your craft
  • 10. Believe in yourself. Don’t give up.

Writing can be a rewarding career choice as well as a hobby. Write often, whether fiction, non-fiction, or even in a journal. Writing is an art. It’s a process and a place, all in one.

Best wishes on your writing endeavors.

Warm regards,


Copyright 2017 by Susan Stovall. All applicable rights reserved.

ARTICLE DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with any companies mentioned in this article. These are only mentions, not endorsements. No one has paid me for any mention of their name, goods or services. 


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