Holiday Romance Series


My holiday romance short stories (eBooks) are available periodically, usually around the holiday they are based upon. They are also available year-round in the collection/paperback edition, A YEAR OF ROMANCE, available at Amazon and through a variety of booksellers.

I am currently working on brand new covers for the eBook editions. 🙂 💕

If you love the holidays and sweet romance like I do, you may just love the books in my Holiday Romance Series! There’s a Christmas story fairy tale, complete with a carriage ride in Central Park, a Valentine’s Day ‘purr-a-normal’ cat tale, a Fourth of July story about a rekindled first love, and, lastly, an autumn Thanksgiving story about love, the healing of a broken heart, and, of course, cranberries!

paperback edition cover of A  YEAR OF ROMANCE Feb 2015
Paperback Collection