Lavender Creek Trilogy

The Falling of Leah is available at Amazon and the Kindle Store.  The second book of  the trilogy, The Haunting of Leah, will be available in late October 2017.  The third book is tentatively scheduled for early summer 2018.

Lavender Creek Trilogy

Book Cover new The Falling of Leah with Adobe Sparks Aug 2017
New Book Cover!

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Synopsis of The Falling of Leah:

When Leah’s life feels like it’s spinning out of control, she makes a thoughtless wish to disappear, in a desperate attempt to escape the pain and loneliness she’s caught up in. As she tries to free herself from the unlikely and horrid place where she ends up, she is filled with agony at the thought of the family and life she left behind. With a winter blizzard on its way, will she be able to escape in time to return and save her young son from his plan to sneak out alone and search for her? What follows is a dramatic conclusion with an interesting twist and soon she realizes things aren’t always as they seem.
The story begins with a mysterious Victorian era funeral scene and quickly advances to present day.